Guess Whose Back...
Back Again...

The RealMOB is Back... Tell a Fried...

OK, yes I know that is corney. But everytime I think "The RealMOB," a certain song pops in my head. If you don't know what I'm talking about then "I guess you've never seen a white person before."

THIS has nothing to do with THAT. So, I will stop rambling.

The RealMOB is a popular line of engagement and bridal apparel and merchandise (Now available at Zazzle) for the Original MOB.

Long before there was Don Corleone, or Sammy The Bull, there was a Boss who left fear in the heart of everyone she met. Who made offers no one could refuse, and often asked for favors no one could deny. She was, and still is the Real MOB... but you might know her best as Mother Of the Bride.

And to know her is to fear her! (Just kidding Peggy!)

If you have never met an original M-O-B, be forewarned. She is a force to reckon with. I once knew a MOB in training that was something fierce. Some called her MB for short, others called her the Bulldog (short, fierce, growls a lot)... but no one ever called her that to her face. And mind you, she was just training to be a MOB, imagine what the Real MOB is like?

A MOB is a special person who should definitely be feared. Never cross her, never deny her, never refuse any request. Afterall, no one can refuse the MOB on her daughter's wedding day (or something like that).

To pay our respects to our Godmother... we have created MOBwear. Think of it as a tribute from the family to our Don.

Get your own MOB merchandise from our online store.

Some of our Top Sellers

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